Photo by Patrick Acheson


​Photo by Barbara Patrizio



​Photo by Mino De Vita



​Photo by Arianna Palano - Leonardo Cairo


​Photo by Arianna Palano



​Photo by Arianna Palano


​Photo by Arianna Palano



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Photo by Arianna Palano


​Photo by Mino De Vita


​Photo by Laura Larmo


​Photo by Arianna Palano


​Photo by Barbara Patrizio



​Photo by Barbara Patrizio



​Photo by Barbara Patrizio



​Photo by Barbara Patrizio



​Photo by Leonardo Cairo



​Photo by Mino De Vita



​Photo by Barbara Patrizio



​Photo by Barbara Patrizio


​Photo by Arianna Palano

Architecture's Agency's Office

​Milano - 2009 - for Il Prisma - Milano

The goal of this project was to create a stimulating workplace for the employees but also a fascinating place for potential clients and visitors, in order to show them the ability of the Agency to create extraordinary, stunning spaces.

On the first floor the work environment is an open-plan space supported by special structures of considerable visual impact, intended for meetings and recreation.

Here the space is articulated by the conjunction of three elements: a sculptural structure which serves as an informal meeting room for the staff (the "C Shape"), a small exhibition area for technical meetings and to display projects and materials to clients, which serves also for temporary exhibitions set up by the employees, and a small, secluded room (the "Secret Room") which is a space to relax and concentrate.

On the second floor there are the meeting rooms for clients and a break area for staff; here the atmosphere is more formal, although enlivened by the striking presence of the embossed cantilevered roof located at the top of the stairs, where there is, in addition, a large vertical garden on the wall, creating a dramatic effect on the visitors who come up from the lower floor. Office

Catania - 2015 - for Tétris Design and Build - Milano


Located inside an enchanting XVII century palace,'s new offices in Catania are based on a deeply evocative concept imbued in local scenarios and influences.

However, this project interprets Catania and her spirit in a slightly different way, aiming to highlight her chiaroscuro effects, her shades, her enchanting decadence, her well-known and manifest aspect of brightness and Mediterranean liveliness.

The austerity of baroque palaces, immersed in enduring shadows  and the silent and secret atmospheres in the city streets are echoed within these rooms, whose style is purposely kept austere, dark, almost "monastic".

The architectural structure of the building is maintained as per its sequence of wide and aristocratic rooms with vaulted ceilings.

The walls were chromatically smoothed using a deep hue of grey, counterbalanced here and there by decorative finishings made of building panels and furnishings that recall the traditional Caltagirone pottery.





Genova - 2017 - for Tétris Design & Build - Milano


The concept for the new offices of in Genoa is inspired by the contrasting atmosphere of this important port city, in which they combine, in a fascinating mix, austere Gothic architecture, decadent, but lively alleys and mysterious atmospheres reflecting to distant worlds and cultures.

All this is evident in the choice of materials, colors, graphic and decorative motifs present everywhere in the office; the striped decoration and the lozenge on the walls are a clear reference to the typical bicolor facades of Gothic architecture, as well as the nautical peaks, used here as decorative elements, refer to the seafaring character of the city. Office

Venezia - 2015 - for Tétris Design and Build - Milano


The magical atmosphere of Venice, with its stunning transparencies and colours, was the main inspiration for the concept of this project, whose aim was to combine the functionality of an efficient workplace with a certain “dreamy” mood of the space in general, which is kaleidoscopic and unexpected.

Coherently with the desires of the Client in the office there is a wide operative space and some smaller places for the meetings and the relax.

The operative space, almost “nordic” in its clear geometry (highlighted by using cold and saturated colours) is counterposed to the break area, whose lively atmosphere - characterised by the wall made of coloured bottles - ironically recalls the typical tradition of the Murano art glass.

Even the corridors are involved in this game of light, reflections and shimmering images: the walls are covered with a special boiserie made with plenty of mirrored bubbles, which refracts the surrounding space like a kaleidoscope and subtly evoke the trembling effect of the buildings reflections on the water.





​Milano - 2016

The project for this bright and airy flat inside a Milanese historic bulding combines some aspects of the Nordic design, i.e. focus on the quality of light and usage of simple forms and pure colours, with a typical Italian-style décor.

The result is a secluded, velvety, and welcoming ambience.

The cement tile chosen for the floor gives a strong personality to the whole area, thanks to its modern material and format, but slightly vintage design.

The colour scheme chosen for walls and furnishings uses a palette of neutral, although sharp nuances to highlight some specific views and to stress the room depth and spaciousness.

The bespoke furnishings are marked by a simple, well-defined outline, which makes them a quasi-graphic elements against the dense background of walls and floors.




Milano - 2014

The project regarded the restyling of a loft designed some years ago in a strict minimalist style.

After years of "living in a fridgidaire" (to use the client's own words) the owner of this loft wanted to add a touch of softness, colour and kindness to the austerity of the space, but without major renovation.

The goal was achieved first by redefining the functions of the different areas of the house, that, despite their size, were pretty vague in terms of spatial feeling: therefore a new dining area was created, with its own lighting and the existing dressing room area was completely redesigned and became a small lounge.

A careful study of colours, lighting, furniture and materials was carried out in order to emphasise warmth and personality in the environment; that's why we can assume that the greatest value of this project is in the details, more than in a single, strong concept.




Milano - 2013 - 2015 


This flat is an attic in a recently built building; if low ceilings may be considered a drawback, two terraces give plenty of light to the interiors. The project aims to optimize the functionality of all areas by means of a more balanced planimetric distribution and by exploiting the existing natural light.

The living area, i.e. a wide living room and an open-plan kitchen, has been clearly separated from the bedrooms in order to give more functional meaning to the whole and a more precise definiteness to domestic pathways.

The peculiar quality of the available light is emphasized by means of a careful selection of materials, finishings and colours: the floorings in natural oak, light and neutral in colours, are matched to a colour scheme based on dove-colour shades and a limited set of greys, in order to identify different functional areas, thus giving them a specific personality.


Modomodo Head Office

Milano - 2014


The project involves the internal refurbishment of the offices for a company specialized in the development of mobile phone applications.

The goal of the project is both to create a stimulating work environment for employees, which means a space which can improve communication between people, and also an interior capable of reflecting the Company's values to clients and visitors.

The Company requested a big open space for the operative work and a group of ancillary spaces (meeting rooms, break areas, phone booths) which also serve to organise the large open space.

Each functional area is identified by some giant pictograms on the walls, which also serve as a decorative theme and recall in an ironic way the apps for the mobile phones developed by the Company.

Due to budget restrictions, all the materials chosen for the project were simple and inexpensive (plasterboard, PVC) but, in spite of all, the combination of these elements provides a pleasant and surprising effect.


Small Farmouse

Piedmont - 2014


The project involves the renovation of a small farmhouse located in the gorgeous countryside near Piedmont’s Langhe.

The existing building was originally a tool-shed for agricultural activity and is characterised by very simple architecture with some distinctive elements such as the tuff walls and the vaulted ceilings.

The renovation has completely maintained these elements making the most of the site’s country ambience without any concession to the traditional appearance.

Great attention has been paid to maintaining a certain spatial fluidity, for instance by creating a visual connection between the two floors of the building through the open space of the stairway. The chromatic palette in the interior is based on grey and a particular “chalky” turquoise which makes the most of the many existing wooden elements such as door frames and window frames and shutters.

The furniture is mostly recycled and consists of an eclectic mix of different pieces of various styles and periods, which gives the house a romantic, peaceful atmosphere.



Milano - 2015


This flat is an attic in a recently built building; if low ceilings may be considered a drawback, two terraces give plenty of light to the interiors. The project aims to optimize the functionality of all areas by means of a more balanced planimetric distribution and by exploiting the existing natural light.

The living area, i.e. a wide living room and an open-plan kitchen, has been clearly separated from the bedrooms in order to give more functional meaning to the whole and a more precise definiteness to domestic pathways.

The peculiar quality of the available light is emphasized by means of a careful selection of materials, finishings and colours: the floorings in natural oak, light and neutral in colours, are matched to a colour scheme based on dove-colour shades and a limited set of greys, in order to identify different functional areas, thus giving them a specific personality. Office

Verona - 2016 - for Tétris Design & Build


The inspiration for the new office in Verona came from the story of Romeo & Juliet: the Shakespeare’s tragedy is indeed used as a narrative and decorative theme for the space, as well as the red colour, which has been used in order to give the office a strong liveliness and characterization.

Due to the peculiar shape of the building, the layout has a certain irregularity: this characteristic didn’t compromise the functionality of the space and actually made it more interesting, by creating some unusual and intriguing perspectives.


Milano - 2013


For the remodelling of this apartment dating back to the 20’s and characterised by the refined architectural quality of the finishes and by the brightness of the building, a conservationist redesign approach was adopted, combined with a light modern touch.

Colour and lightness have been key concepts for the choice of materials and for the general look, that is inspired by a particular “Milanese” ‘50s’ style consisting of elegant interiors combined with a Nordic flavour, particularly evident in the cold colour schemes, of azure, grey and dove-grey.

Booking .com Office

Rimini - 2015 - for Tétris Design and Build - Milano


The project for the new office in Rimini is meant to offer the highest level of functionality and accessibility, although before renovations existing spaces were marked by objective limitations. Due to budget restrictions, such features could not be radically removed, but were minimized (the planimetric structure, marked by closed areas defined by walls, was maintained nearly unchanged).

The concept behind this project is strongly inspired by the fascination of its context and therefore aims to appeal to the ideas of summertime, cheerfulness, and widespread joie de vivre so typical of Rimini.

The main theme is the well-known costal landscape, with its lines of colourful beach umbrellas and deckchairs, its cabins and its resorts.

The 'gloomy' nature of the rooms is counterbalanced and spiced up by the pervasive usage of white and bright colours (i.e. sky blue, yellow and blue) within a decorative scheme based on recurring striped patterns and by the alternation of the shapes of the beach cabins with their traditional colours.




​Milano - 2016​

The starting point: a one bedroom flat, inside an old building, embellished with an high ceiling and, especially, with a small secret garden, narrow and a little bit wild.

The refurbishment was heavy, due to to poor condition of the existing space, but very respectful of the place, with its certain faded charme.

We decided to operate without too much sophistications, using and reciclyng different furnitures and materials and adopting the simplest solutions.

Furnitures from the 50's are mixed with contemporary elements; small objects define intriguing corners; hand-made decorations (like the fake wallpaper painted on the corridor's wall) add a touch of romance to the rooms, which are intentionally left, for the rest, a little bit spare.

It's an home that doesn't want to be an example of style, but  just a genuine and stratified situation in which to feel simply "at home".

Single Family House

Padova - 2010 - 2013

with Nadia Freducci


This project involved the construction of a single-family residential building in the outskirts of Padova.

The building plan is compact and basically set up in a rectangular pattern.

On the ground floor there is a garage, some work rooms, the lounge and the kitchen, upstairs there are three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a study.

According to our client’s wishes particular attention was paid to the kitchen, which has an extension outside onto the patio bordered by a visible metal structure.

The simple, clean architecture of this small house is a sort of contemporary interpretation of the International Style.

This is a geometric object made up of simple volumes, highlighted by a few materials (iron, plaster, wood) that alternate with each other and create a kind of play on the surfaces of the facades of the building.



Cagliari - 2018


A small apartment in Cagliari, in a 60s context: 50 sqm, consisting of a long corridor, a living room with a dining area, a bedroom and a bathroom, a little bit dark and not very functional.

Starting from this point, the main goal of the renovation project was to make the apartment more open, functional and bright.

The old dining room has been opened to the living room, in order to obtain a larger living room with an open kitchen.

The neutral colors chosen for the finishes of walls and floors and a light furnishings give the space a very restful tone, and emphasize the natural light.

Sorrento - 2014 - for Tétris Design and Build - Milano


The project for’s new Sorrento office of has a fresh, catchy image, in line with the holiday atmosphere of the site.

The offices are on two floors; the operative spaces are on the first floor, the meeting rooms and the break area are located on the ground floor.

The architectural solutions and the materials are simple but this doesn't impede the pleasantness of the final effect, which was mainly obtained through the careful use of colour and images.

The colour palette is based on grey (in different shades), with accents of yellow and blue, which, being the typical colours of Sorrento, give the spaces a touch of "local flavour", requested by the Company.

References to the local environment are explicitly displayed in the break area, in which colours, images and tiles create a lively environment, perfect for relaxation.





Stallergenes Head Office

Milano - 2010

for Il Prisma - Milano



This project for the new head office of a multinational company specialized in the production of anti-allergy vaccines deliberately plays with colour in an attempt to make the company image more attractive and striking, in provocative contrast to the purely scientific activity carried out.

Ironically, the dominant decoration theme on the walls is a giant dandelion

(a powerful allergen).



InterSystems Offices

​Milano - 2014


The goal of this project for a multinational company leader in the Data Management sector was to create a space in line with both the Company's values (solidity, reliability) and its corporate identity, which is based on simplicity and the highest quality materials.

The space is defined by the large open plan office and the small closed offices, delimited by glazed walls.

A warm colour palette for the walls and the floor and the use of fine woods for the furnishings  give the environment  a distinctive and discreet elegance; the reception, with its tailored bench, has an extra, gentle touch of colour and a  nice, relaxing mood.
 Head Office

Roma - 2013 - for Tétris Design and Build - Milano


The goal of the project was to create a dynamic, extraordinary workplace for the employees but also a space capable of displaying the Company's values to the clients and the visitors. The concept design is a provocative interpretation of some of the Company brand values, mainly focused on the emotion of travel and the discovery of unseen and surprising lands and people.

A range of tricks were put in place in order to develop this concept: the offices’ large walls are covered in pictures of funny airports and railways stations and their photographic perspectives, matched with the real perspective of the space, generate a strange but fun sense of disorientation in people; the corridors have been decorated like hotel corridors from different places all over the world and all the doors have a spy-hole with a small picture of an hotel room behind it, so when people go along the corridors they have the feeling of being not in an office but in another place, and they can look through the peepholes and see these imaginary hotel rooms in various styles. The meeting rooms are inspired by the same concep: the furniture and decoration are setted in order to give these spaces a strong local flavour.


Unisys Head Office

Roma - 2015 - for Tétris Design and Build - Milano


The main goal of this project for the new Unisys office in Rome is to create an environment that stands for the reliability and solidity concepts embodied by the company itself, and that at the same time looks cool, contemporary, and not exceedingly "institutional".

The space is defined by a large, windowed open floor plan and by some meeting rooms and backup rooms grouped together in functional blocks in the middle of a airy working area.

These areas are closed alternatively by blind walls or glass screenings as they are conceived as a harmonious sequence of volumes, each one of which are individually characterized from a chromatic point of view and by the usage of different finishings and coating materials.

The levity, precision and sober elegance of these areas are highlighted thanks to a colour palette based on the neutral hues of greys and whites, with brighter touches of red (the brand colour), and to a wood panelling that decorates the reception area.